Looking for just your average college, writing kid? Sorry…you’ve come to the wrong place. I’d like to consider myself slightly above, and just a smidge beyond average. Now, I know my tagline says, “I’m just Syd…you’re average college, writing kid”, but “I’m just Syd…your slightly-above-and-just-a-smidge-beyond-average college, writing kid” didn’t really flow as well. So if you’re disappointed, I’m terribly sorry. BUT while you’re here, check out my page! Get to know me a bit!

My name (real name, that is) is Sydney. I’m from a small town Mableton, Georgia which is about 20 minutes from the great city of Atlanta. I’m a first year Architecture major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I enjoy art, traveling, and roller coasters; I even hope to be able to design roller coasters after I graduate one day…

This blog is primarily for my English 1101 class, which is focused on communicating science to the public. However, I want my viewers to gain knowledge about and experience my voice. This blog is about MY writing and how I choose to communicate the topics we discuss in and outside the classroom. It’s a personal journey for me. I’m inviting you guys to come along, and enjoy the ride of Syd…your slightly-above-and-just-a-smidge-beyond-average college, writing kid.

Hmmm…that doesn’t sound too good. I’m just going to stick with Syd…your average college, writing kid.

August 31, 2016